Top 10 Places In Athens, Grecee

The Greek capital is like an amphitheater surrounded by mountains. You will find many wonderful sights. The world famous ruins of Acropolis, the magnificent mosaics and classical Daphni martkplein Agorá: all things you can not miss. Discover the 10 most beautiful sights you must see!

1. Acropolis, a national monument
For the Greeks a National Monument and for the world one of the most famous ruins of classical antiquity. Acropolis is a perfect example of building four thousand years of history. On the plateau 156 meters above the ground Athenian towers is enough room for numerous buildings. The oldest traces of people on the Acropolis date from 2000 BC. At the time, on top of the hill the palace of the king. In the 8th century the site of the palace occupied by major shrines for gods. The main buildings date from 450 BC and are to this day still be seen. The Parthenon, the Nike temple, the Erechtheion and Propylaeën form the image of classical antiquity. It is well worth a stroll through this ancient temple complex. You also have a wonderful view from the cliff. If you’re lucky you can even see the islands in the Gulf of Soroni and the high peaks of the Peloponnese see it.

2. Daphni enchanting mosaics
Among hundreds laurels find the beautiful Byzantine monastery Daphni. The showpiece of this monastery is the large church with beautiful medieval mosaics from the 11th century is decorated. All the scenes to tell the birth, life and crucifixion of Christ. Especially the entry of Christ into Jerusalem is one of the best preserved mosaics from the Byzantine art. The more than seventy images have a magical touch to the golden background. After a visit to this particular monastery you can enjoy the beautiful forest around the monastery found. Let the atmosphere of the past to penetrate!

3. Agora, the marketplace classic
The Agora was once the heart of Athens. Here was the political, business, cultural and social life occurred. The square is over the years destroyed at least five times. Current agora as you see him now, probably dates from the Roman period around the birth of Christ. Once there were many important and beautiful buildings. Today there are two beautiful buildings that dominate the picture. The Stoa of Attalos has two floors and 116 meters long colonnade. It is thought that shops were located here before. Another impressive building is the temple Haphaistos or the best preserved temple in all of Greece! Walk through the ancient stones of the Holy Street and feel thousands of years back in time flashes. You will be Romans and Greeks in white robes passed, elegant women strolling through the long colonnades, men discuss politics and market traders try to sell their wares. Slowly, the hubbub dies away and you flash back to the present. Looking beyond the Agora makes you realize that this is a very special place was and forever will be.

4. National Park, an oasis of calm
In the center of Athens you will find an oasis of tranquility. In this park you can enjoy everyday life. In the shade of tall palm trees draws slowly but pleasant time pass you by. From the ponds of ducks quacking it swirls through the park. Children will enjoy the large playground for kids while parents enjoy a fresh cup of coffee in the coffee. A visit to the park is a great way to get to the bustle of Athens to escape.

5. Kessariani, leaving beautiful
Singing birds, colorful pots of flowers, cypress trees and flowering: everything indicates that the Kessariani ancient monastery is still inhabited. However, this is cheating, because the monks this peaceful place years ago have left. Fortunately everything is left perfectly clean and preserved. The ancient building dates from the 11th century. At the monastery also belong to the bathhouse and the church. In the church you will find wall paintings from the 18th century. The location of Kessarniani is really perfect. Surrounded by green forests and the slopes of the 1,025 meters high mountain Immitos do you completely relax.

6. Likavittós, the highlight of Athens
Far above the houses of Athens rice a 227 meters high limestone rock. The slope surrounded by greenery and the bare summit is the cityscape of Athens. The point is through a variety of common and beautiful hiking trails to reach. There’s also a cable car up there with all that love brings to the surface. On clear days you can get here from the mountains around Athens, the island of Aegina and the tops of the Peloponnese behold.

7. The Archaeological Museum
The building from 1860 preserves the finest and largest collection from the Griekste Classical Antiquity. Days you can wander through the various rooms and discover new things every time. A Mycenaean hall, art of the Cyclades, works from the geometric period, classical art and paintings 3500 years old: some examples of what can be seen here. Especially the bronze statue of Poseidon – you will find in classical art – you can not skip. The beautiful frescoes and the impressive golden mask of Agamemnon are very worthwhile. Especially for culture enthusiasts, the Archaeological Museum is a must to visit!

8. Plaka, Greek hospitality
Looking Greek hospitality, then you are in Plaka. It is one of the most picturesque neighborhoods of Athens. Make sure you advance a card at your disposal, for all narrow streets and alleys form a giant maze where you can get lost. Stroll along the many small shops selling souvenir for any tourist a true paradise forms. Silver and gold jewelry, ceramics and clothing: you will find it all here! Relax on one of the terraces and enjoy the hustle and bustle around you.

9. Temple of Olympian Zeus, an impressive view
It is one of the first buildings you will encounter when going from the airport bus into the center. The ancient columns of the Temple of Olympian Zeus with them 17 meters height tower far above you. Of the 104 marble columns, each weighing 15,500 tonnes, there are now only fifteen feet. This is not surprising, as the construction of this complex dates to 550 BC. It was not withstand the earthquakes that took place over the centuries. The name Temple of Olympian Zeus, this magnificent building due to an ivory, gold-plated statue of Zeus in the temple. An imposing complex which rises not eyes!

10. Cape Sounion, with beautiful sunlight
Sixty feet above the Aegean Sea is Cape Sounion, one of the most beautiful temples of Greece. The temple with its sixteen Doric columns is part of a business work. Previously this has included an office wall, and soldiers to stay a little port. It was a perfect place for Athenians to the entrance of the Saronic Gulf to control. Especially at sunset, this place is breathtaking. In the last sunlight sparkles you can enjoy strolling around among the columns. A special experience!

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