Summer Vacation in Rhodes, Greece

Rhodes – Greece

Rhodes is the capital of the Greek island of Rhodes. It is located in the northernmost part. The ancient city of Rhodes, including monuments was written in 1988 to the list of UNESCO World Heritage site. Today, Rhodes is the most popular tourist destination on the island and there are more than 60 000 people.

Oblast history and sights of the town was already settled in April. Millennium BC. BC historical center of the city of Rhodes until the day surrounded by the enormous city walls in a length of 4 km. walls were built in the Byzantine period in 1914. century were adapted and reinforced by the Knights. It was built 20 m and 12 m thick walls with bastions and 2.5 km long canal. In historical Rodosu enter the port Eleftherias (freedom gate). The Knights Ash Knight Street area, where homes are decorated with Gothic elements, heraldic shields and gargoyles. At the highest point of the old town you find the great palace, built in the years 1937 to 1940 on the ruins of the original palace of the knights. A number of paintings in the interior of the palace. Under the Grand Palace is located Amboisova gate, which was built in 1512 and decorated in relief with the arms of Grand Master d’Amboise.

Přístav Mandraki Harbour rhodským war was in the old port. The pier is long, 400 meters and was built since ancient times. Three of 15 windmills on the dock. of the century. At the top of the pier is a fortress of Agios Nikolaos was built between 1464 and 1467. The harbor is also a Colossus worth something-the remains of one of the seven wonders of the world. According to legend, the statue of Helium (Sun God) is located at the entrance of ships in the harbor, which podplouvat under his feet had to. Another of the dominant characteristics of the old town, Rhodes is the bell tower (Roloj) originating in the year 1851. The tower is now used as a prospect.


Church construction of shrines in the city is the Byzantine church of Agios Fanourios from 9. of the century. His frescoes from the 13th in the interior. maximum 15. of the century. Part of the ancient city of Rhodes is the Jewish quarter with a number of Jewish home and synagogue Kahal Shalom, 16. of the century.

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