How To Get To Phuket Island & Local Transportation

How to get to Phuket Island and the local transportation on the island.

The quickest way is by air directly from Bangkok to Phuket, at the same time this is also the most expensive solution. Who has little time should refer to any event on the aircraft. Also from Chiang Mai or Koh Samui can fly to Phuket daily. In addition to many other countries from Asia and Europe fly to the high season, the Condor direct flights from Frankfurt.

An alternative is the train from Bangkok to Surat Thani and from there take a bus to Phuket (combination tickets are available, total time 15 hours, depending on your connection) or the VIP-direct bus from Bangkok to Phuket (about 12 hours Ride).

Who is already in southern Thailand can reach Phuket by standing ready transport easily and quickly. Phi Phi Islands, it goes with the boat in two hours to Phuket. Those coming from Krabi travel best with the car on which takes around 2:30 hours. More transfer services are available from Koh Lanta and Koh Samui available.

Locally small buses run between the beaches, which lasts a little longer but it is most advantageous. Convenient, the tuk tuk to Phuket. These can be hired for each route, and there is no fixed price, which takes on the negotiating skill. There are a variety of motorcycles and jeeps to lend at affordable prices.

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