World’s Most Beautiful Theme Park, Busch Gardens VA

Busch Gardens, VA, believed by many to be the most beautiful theme park in the whole world, keep strongly claiming this fame by its updating features, rides, occasions.The park welcomes and caters both the young and the elderly people, having specific features for both to enjoy the most beautiful theme park in the world.While European themed lands are appreciated by the parents most, the kids glad-fully appreciate the other features of Busch Gardens.

Attractions and rides of Busch Gardens VA are many to mention, by any means of the saying.All together, they are more than 50 rides and attractions, and something very special for all age groups.Here is a brief list ;

2012 Attraction                       Le Scoot
Alpengeist Loch                       Ness Monster
Apollo’s Chariot                       Mäch Tower
Curse of DarKastle                  Rhine River Cruise
Da Vinci’s Cradle                      Roman Rapids
Der Autobahn                           Skyride
Der Wirbelwind                        The Battering Ram
Escape from Pompeii            The Flying Machine
Europe in the Air                    The Trade Wind
Griffon Train                             Turkish Delight
Kinder Karussel                      Le Catapult
You may need the map of this beautiful theme park, so here it is:
It is absolutely a family-friendly place.Being the guest of this distinctive park, you will see and feel the privilege of having been to this place during your life time.It will take you to many different thrills, lands and a total assortment of excitement.

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