Cairo, The Triumphant City

Known to be the home of the great Egyptian Pyramids, Cairo, (Arabic: القاهرة transliteration: Al-Qāhira, meaning the Triumphant or the Vanquisher) the capital of the modern Egypt, is amongst the most popular tourist destinations on earth.Even though its fame is mostly from the pyramids, Cairo is the home of many monuments and temples concerning to Muslims, Christians and Jews and all these attractions also pull millions of people to this place.

When many of people think of Cairo, they get to think of the Pharaonic era’s legendary relics which chief amongst those is the Great Pyramid of Khufu, that is just outside the town and which is the only survivor of the original Seven Wonders of the World.Khufu, also known as Cheops or Suphis (circa 2551-2528 B.C) ruled about 24 years during the Fourth Dynasty.

More than 4500 years ago, he ordered this colossal tomb to be built, by 100,000 men power, to accommodate none else but himself.The Great Pyramid, for more than 4300 years, was the tallest building on earth, it’s reached to the height of 481 feet (147 meters).Colossal building contains 2,300,000 blocks of stones each of which is about 2,5 tons.

There are many other giant structures on the Giza Plain, all are built between 2500 and 2400 B.C., one of which is the Great Sphinx.Also several other important pyramids some of which contains the wombs of several of queens.

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